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Cleo S Ventilator

Cleo S Ventilator

The Cleo S is the State of Art Turbine Driven Ventilator catering the needs of neonatal, Paediatric and Adult Patients. The user friendly large 15.6" Touch screen helps to monitor the patient parameters, waveforms and loops simultaneously on the same screen. 


This next generation ventilator has all the advanced modes in both Invasive and Non-invasive modes. The High Flow Oxygen Therapy helps to efficiently manage patients through nasal prongs.

 Integrated self-check system with leak check and system tightness to secure the ventilation result(POST: Power On self test). Automatic leakage compensation by the unit provides is given to optimize respirator settings

Two Lithium batteries guarantee the unit usage up to 6 hours. 

The unit is with automatic triggers adjustment both on flow trigger and pressure trigger. The unit is with measurement of volumetric capnography of CO2 ( ETCO2 measurement function)


Neonatal sensor (optional accessories)

The minimum tidal volume is 2ml. It is suitable for newborns and even premature infants to avoid barotrauma; Meet the needs of patients of different ages, provide individualized treatment, more accurate and safer


ETCO2 and SpO2 interfaces (Optional)

ETCO2 showed the concentration of CO2 in blood during ventilation, reflecting the effect of ventilation; It is an important index to judge hyperventilation or hypoventilation. SpO2 can directly Visual display the concentration of blood oxygen; It is an important index to judge the function of ventilation and air change. Double index real-time monitoring at the same time, more convenient, more intuitive, more secure.


High and low pressure oxygen interface

The low pressure oxygen interface can be connected to the hyper baric oxygen cylinder or the central oxygen supply, so that the ventilator can provide sufficient oxygen for patients when ensuring the breathing of mild and severe patients, so as to improve the oxygenation of patients. The independent low-pressure oxygen interface can be connected to the oxygen pillow or small oxygen bottle to facilitate the hospital transportation and ensure the safety of patients



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